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Western Dakota Tech's
Major Gifts Campaign

A Message from the Chairs

It is truly our privilege and honor to serve as Campaign Chairs of Dakota’s first-ever major gifts campaign.  We have witnessed the evolution of D over the past 37 years and know the impact the school has had on western South Dakota.  We are also increasingly aware of the accelerating rate of technological change.  D must seek new funding sources to continue to provide current, high-quality training.  State government and students alone can no longer support the increasing cost of technical currency necessary for quality education.

Many of our collegues and friends have attended D to enhance professional skills, prepare for a career change, or to receive an Associate’s degree.  D has trained, and continues to train, much of this region’s skilled workforce.  D remains affordable and accessible to even the most remote areas of western South Dakota.

Campaign Initiatives:

Supporting Economic Development
• As a full regional partner in economic development, D must be able to add new or expanded programs that meet business and industry needs within months rather than years. With a Rapid Response Fund, D wil be able to react in real-time to emerging opportunities for economic development.

Building Dynamic Teaching and Learning Tools
• Reduction in state resources has hindered D ’s ability to replace equipment, add new technology, and adapt the facilities to newer educational strategies.  Your support will ensure that D’s learning tools, professional staff, and facilities keep up with the pace of change.

Developing 21st Century Learners
• Currently, 85% of D’s students require financial assistance; yet many other do not qualify.  D is seeking support to expand student scholarship and loan programs for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Dakota has responded to the region’s changing educational, cultural, and economic needs.  D remains the most affordable choice for higher education in the community.  We must now look to those it serves – individuals, alumni, and corporations – and area foundations to ensure that its high level of service continues.

Your investment is truly an investment in the people, economic development, and quality of life of the entire region.


Campaign Chairs: Cheryl Chapman, P.E., Pete Cappa, Carolyn Mollers Campaign Chairs: Cheryl Chapman, P.E., Pete Cappa, Carolyn Mollers

Honorary Chairs: C. Eddie Clay, Carole HillardMary Loucks
Honorary Chairs: C. Eddie Clay, Carole Hillard, Mary Loucks

Campaign Chairs
Pete Cappa, Community Bank President and District Manager, Wells Fargo Bank
Cheryl Chapman, President, Matrix Consulting Group
Carolyn Mollers, Black Hills businesswoman

Honorary Chairs
Carole Hillard, former South Dakota Lieutenant Governor
C. Eddie Clay, President, Fall River Abstract
Mary Loucks, Retired Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank

WDTI Foundation Board of Directors
John Pence, chair
Gloria Pluimer
Verlyn Veal
Craig Uhre
Cheryl Chapman
Robin Miller
Margie Rosario


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