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To-Do Lists or Calendar Applications?

The everyday life of people is filled with everyday chores. We are people of the age who have difficulty getting out of bed. Everyday working to an alarm clock in a boring and monotonous way. It is quite a big deal for us to struggle in this cut-throat world without trying to remember whether we were out of sugar or salt at our Home. Even without the memory game of remembering that important presentation that we have to make for the meeting, the grocery to buy that day, the medicine we are supposed to pick up for home, the promise of meeting a friend or just remembering what to do in the day our life runs into endless struggles. So, with all the remembering we can make our life tougher than it already is. In this entire dilemma, we turn to technology to be our savior. Technology has always found solutions for things that mankind has been too lazy to do on their own. It is like a one-time investment and the return is making life easier than we remember it to be. So, humans made technology solve this problem of a memory game too. They created applications that do this for us.

What are to-do lists or calendar applications?

A to do list app for mobile is a way that we remember what are the things we need to complete in a day's time. We can just make the list in the phone and check them out or cross them out. There are some inbuilt applications in our phone like notes that help in making out the checklist and give us a satisfaction of checking or striking out the already done task. Now, some people can just make a normal list of things with just numbering them and completing them one by one. There are yet some other people who are a little more adventurous and invested in making their list and these people color-code their list and have a little more important to less important tasks aligned in that manner according to sorts of colors, numbers and font. There are probably different application check list serve to different people. Some people have a compulsive need of being organized and double-check themselves, for some, it's just the satisfaction of crossing out things from their list to know that they have completed and for the rest, it is just the last strand of hope in remembering what to do in the day.

What do you look for when you look for an application for your to-do list?

When you're looking for a particular to-do list application for your phone like, Simplish, then there are some pointers you need to look for:

  • You can see if there is a color-coding system in your to-do list application. It is always easier to know which job to get absolutely done and which job is okay to be procrastinated about. Finishing important jobs on your hand first is something you should do first. If you can color-code them in an order of importance that would be quite the guide.
  • The easy sharing of your to-do list. Suppose it's a grocery list and you and your friend have access to the shopping list then both of you can span two different sections of the grocery store and shop faster so that you don't miss the game or something that you guys want to hurry for. So, once she picks up the eggs on one side of the grocery store or just helps you pick up laundry and crosses it out from your list then you get saved the travel to the side of the grocery store or to the laundry shop just by checking the list.
  • It should be free. A to-do list is something that you can even make with the help of a pen and paper. So, these applications have to be free to download so that people actually show interest in the download of these applications. Then you allow them to make sole upgrade by charging a minimal cost. This will invite more customers to try your application.

Sum it up

Calendar app for mobile and the to-do list application help you live as a social being who is round about responsible.

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