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Things to Know Before a Windshield Replacement

Transport has filled everyone’s life with more comfort and convenience. It includes cars, buses, aircraft etc. During driving, everyone keeps an eye on the front. The front of any vehicle is well protected by a window acting as a shield called ‘windshield'. It is a very effective part of any vehicle as it protects the vehicle from dust, rocks, wind etc. A little breakage or crack or damage can affect a lot. It is unsafe to drive with a cracked windshield. It leads to a reduction in visibility due to discoloration of glass thus may result in accidents. Also, a cracked windshield can also provide less protection from pollution. Thus, it will be good to have the windshield replacement done, even for small cracks but if the size of the crack becomes large. If the cracks are too small then opt for windshield repair, before the crack gets bigger.


Earlier, windshields were made up of very light glass material and thus they were very poor but now in modern times,usually, windshields are made up of two layers in which if one of the layers gets affected due to shattering, chipping or cracking or maybe some other means, then the other layer will act as a windshield. But one can’t ignore a damaged windshield as it will provide less protection. One had to keep in their mind that there is a need to draw everyone ’s attention to windshield repair as in order to avoid other problems ahead.

When to repair

For all these, firstly one had to make up their minds that there are many benefits related to windshield repair. The repair of the windshield is cost-efficient. It can easily come in the budget due to its low cost. Also, the small windshield cracks need to be repaired as soon as possible because the small chip or crack will become large after some time and will require a full windshield replacement which will be more costly than the repair of the windshield. In addition to these, small windshield cracks, chips or shatters can be repaired very quickly thus it proves itself less time consuming than the whole replacement.

When to replace

Now, one had to know that which will be the best time to replace the windshield. If the size of the crack is more than 6 cm, then the windshield replacement needs to be done. Also, there are sometimes when the windshield repair is not possible and the only option left is to opt for the option of replacement. As for example, if the crack is inside the windshield, that can’t repair the inner portion as it will be hard to do so, then there will be a need to replace the whole windshield. Also, if the damage is in both the layers of the glass, then it can’t be repaired and therefore one need to replace the windshield. If there are complex cracks, then no doubt, you had to replace it.

The windshield replacement also takes less time but generally, it takes more time than repair. Also, it costs much more than repair. Windshield replacement means the old glass is replaced by a new one. One shouldn’t wait much if the windshield is showing a little damage as it will result in shatter after some time. This is all because the glass can expand and contract simultaneously due to variation in temperatures, variations in pressure, dirt, striking of an object with the glass etc. All these factors are key responsible for the glass to damage, crack or shatter.

Cause of Damage

The factors responsible for the damage caused in the windshield are many and there is a need to create awareness regarding those factors. Firstly, moisture and temperature may lead to its damage. As one already know that modern windshields are made up of two layers of glass and thus one can say that there is a space between the two glasses. Therefore, there is a moisture in between the spaces of the two glasses. When water enters into that space, it will cause the damage and this damage can also become vital if the water inside that space freezes due to cold and thus that frozen water results in more cracks or may increase the size of the crack or may result in the increment in the size of the chip. Also, temperature plays a major role in such damages as when there is cold weather, the glass may contract and the glass will expand when the weather is hot enough or due to the sun rays.

Secondly, the most important factor responsible for the damage of the windshield is dirt. Dirt can also enter the space between the glass and thus weaken it causing more and more cracks thus leading to damage. Also, the dirt gets entered through small cracks. So, one can avoid such circumstances by keeping a tape in the crack until we repair that crack.

Thirdly, another key factor responsible for the damage of windshield is bumps in the road which can never be avoided. These bumps stress the cracks and may lead to damage the windshield enormously. As time passes, the cracks will keep on increasing linearly. So it is said that as soon as the there are cracks in the windshield, one had to plan for its repair as soon as possible as the windshield is very much important for any vehicle.

If there is any damage caused to the windshield due to the above factors, it is advisable to get the windshield replacement or windshield repair done, depending on the damage.

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